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And if our main character never got to move on, then how can we be expected to? The last shot of the show established that Merlin is still waiting. Merlin will always be waiting. And so we, the audience, will never be able to fully make our peace with the ending. It will never be okay. Every time we think of Merlin, it will be with that twist in our gut reminding us that Merlin’s story didn’t end happily – it didn’t end at all. [x]

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The Merlin Arts Fest, Week 3: Image Prompt

"there is no real ending. it’s just the place where you stop the story" - frank herbert

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To me, Cathal was a friend.

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"…hashtag Ichabbie"

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"I was born to serve you."

I finished Merlin recently. I still can’t handle it.

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1x13 / 5x13

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Arthur Pendragon is just so important 

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